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Our expertise spans all things digital

Web applications

We build applications for the web. From parking booking systems, to online presentation tools. We design, build, and maintain web applications for a wide range of different businesses from IT companies to banks, events companies to recruitment firms. Web applications give you the power of leveraging software over the web - something which gives businesses a unique advantage with the remote workforce. Our latest web app is a mobile optimised social feed designed to enhance employee engagement.

Data migration

We help companies to seamlessly and securely migrate their data to the cloud. In addition to data migration we implement data analytics to help you improve your business intelligence and core decision making processes. Find out more about our data migration services.

Web site optimisation

We optimise websites so they run faster and more efficiently with less downtime. Not only is that good for customers and visitors to your site, it also improves your ranking within Google. What optimisation can also do is ensure that large spikes in traffic don't cause any significant problems for stability and availability. We were approached by SEN to optimise their website as the site would fail during periods of intense visitor numbers, like when Richard Branson would tweet about the company. We optimised the SEN website effectively and created something that could withstand intense traffic spikes. We also optimise websites to the latest web standards and optimise for Google updates such as Core Web Vitals.

Mobile applications

We build mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. Mobile apps have always been expensive to build and maintain since different mobile providers have different programming languages for their platforms. That presents a challenge for many small to medium sized businesses. So we work with hybrid technologies such as PhoneGap and React Native to deliver apps across multiple platforms from a single codebase. This approach makes app production and ongoing maintenance far more cost effective. 

Touchscreen applications

We create bespoke touchscreen applications. We have installed touchscreen apps within venues like the ExCeL centre which are interactive and informative. The food & beverage team at ExCeL asked us to create a touchscreen app which visitors to the centre could use to see which food venues were open and closed at different times of the day. Backed by a comprehensive content management system these touchscreens are customisable in real time. We built a mobile app which allowed venue to staff to open and close venues instantly, wherever they were in the venue. We have also created touchscreen apps for Saab for their conference exhibition stand so visitors can learn more about their products.


We are specialists in e-commerce online payment systems. We can integrate your web application and website with a variety of payment platforms including PayPal, Stripe, Square, Worldpay, GoCardless, and many others. We can also work with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify as well as out-of-the-box software solutions like Magento and WooCommerce. We work with all kinds of payment technologies and can integrate with most systems. If you have any questions about your current e-commerce site or you'd like some advice on setting up a new e-commerce system, please get in touch with us.

Content Management

Content Management Systems (CMS) empower users to maintain website content without the support of a web developer. A CMS gives you flexibility and control to produce new content, create new pages, and build flexible and creative layouts. A CMS gives you more control, more independence, and the ability to create more interesting websites. We are an independent agency so we have no vested interests or ties with particular CMS products, but we do work with a wide variety of PHP based CMS's including Wordpress, Joomla, TYPO3, and our own custom built CMS - SimpleCog. We assess each project individually as every project is unique and has its own specific requirements, we complete this assessment before we recommend a particular CMS. You can always rest assured we will always hand pick the best CMS for your project according to your specific project and business requirements.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. AR experiences are often accessible through a users' mobile phone (or touchscreen tablet). We created an AR experience for Taylor Wimpey to provide interactive virtual property tours through an iPad app for buyers in other countries. So even though prospective buyers couldn't experience the property in person, they could have a virtual walk through experience of it through a replica 3D environment using Augmented Reality.

Artificial Intelligence

Many of our projects include elements of Artificial Intelligence where we enhance everyday software features - like web search - with Artificial Intelligence properties. This elevates the web experience for users of your site so they have a more intelligent interface to interact with when searching for information or buying products through your website. 

Digital strategy

Is your brief unclear? Are you unsure of how to meet certain business requirements? We work closely with our clients to formulate their digital strategy and ensure that the project meets their business objectives. Sometimes we even recommend that the outcome is not digital, there are other channels to consider after all! Our advice is always impartial, independent, and designed to serve your business needs. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your challenges and requirements to see if we can help.

Industries we work in


webfire has long established relationships with events companies. One of our long standing clients is ExCeL London, the largest events venue in London. We have worked with ExCeL to deliver mobile applications, touchscreen applications, e-commerce online payments for pre-booking parking, and their corporate web presence and CMS. We have also worked with companies like Saab to provide touchscreen applications for their products at corporate events.



Parking bookings handled by our system


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Architectural clients have been a specialism for webfire for many years, and we have worked with quite a few of the world's leading practices to deliver their online presence. Briefs are often challenging as - much like the buildings they design - sites need to have something different, something exceptional to showcase when it comes to the web. A popular theme running throughout these sites has been the responsive grid, and this can be seen on sites we've created for HTS and SSH. Another innovation was a website we created for Burwell Architects which was optimised primarily for touchscreen devices like the iPad.



Architecture projects featured on our clients' sites


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We've worked with a number of companies in the restaurant industry where employee engagement has been a core challenge. In response we've built proprietary social media applications to engage with employees to foster interaction and distribute prizes at specific times of the year. The social engagement has been highly popular with many users familiar with apps like Facebook and Instagram, and making use of common features like photo and video uploads, comments, emojis, and awards has helped companies like McDonalds to engage and retain restaurant staff members.



"Likes" given by staff across 27 campaigns for one of our clients


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We've worked with finance companies to produce everything from innovative web applications to drive sales, to corporate websites for some of the world's leading finance companies. We take a partnership approach and develop feature rich websites which expand over time, adding new features and improving functionality as the space adapts and changes. A great example of this is our work with Buzzacott which resulted in an award winning website for this Top 20 UK accountancy and HR consultancy firm based in London and Hong Kong.



Visitor numbers to one of our finance clients' sites


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